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Rock Bop Boogie was a promotions company started in Enniscorthy over ten years ago with the idea of promoting 1950’s music to an audience that had been starved of it since the 1980’s. It was the brainchild of a local Enniscorthy man called Eamonn Doyle who decided to listen to Elvis and “Follow That Dream” and his dream was to create Rockabilly and Rock n Roll events that would be enjoyed by people from Enniscorthy but also hopefully attract others to town to share the experience and have fun.

Eamonn has been a dedicated fan of 1950’s music, lifestyle and its history since his father first purchased the double album “Elvis’s 40 Greatest Hits” on its release in 1980. Then only 13 it had a profound effect on an impressionable young mind and his father was soon facilitating regular trips to Dublin and London to purchase ever more obscure and rare 1950’s recordings that were released in huge numbers in the early and mid 80’s.

The 1980’s magazine “History Of Rock” or at least the first two volumes of it fostered an interest in finding out the stories behind the music, the stars and the legends.


Once 1950’s music gets into your heart there is no going back, and an obsession and passion started at 13 still burns brightly in that young man today. Starting with Irish bands, RBB built upto the point where it was possible to attract some of the finest bands in the world for one off gigs and Festivals and in 2010 the ┬ábig leap to creating a weekender in Enniscorthy was made.

After huge initial success, like a lot of businesses in Ireland the economic downturn meant that it became increasingly difficult to viably run a one man show depending on ticket sales alone to cover costs and in 2011 it became obvious that Rock Bop Boogie could no longer survive alone and the idea of the South East Rock n Roll Club was born.

95% of events in Rock n Roll Town are now organised and paid for by the club through a combination of fundraising, sponsorship and ticket sales, but Rock Bop Boogie still exists and occasionally comes back out to play like for this event in 2014.



See below some of the Rock Bop Boogie memories from the past including videos!













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