The Story of Rock n Roll Town


Welcome to the official website of Ireland’s 1950’s Rock n Roll Town, Enniscorthy.

Enniscorthy is a small town in County Wexford in the South East of Ireland (approx. population 10,000 people). Since the 1980’s this has been a hot bed of Rock n Roll activity which has grown and developed into its own fully fledged rockin’ scene with regular gigs, dance classes and large events.


The Early Days

Like most towns in Ireland and the UK, Enniscorthy was full of Ted’s and Rockabillies in the 70’s and 80’s, and radio personality Alan Corcoran (RTE & South East Radio) often described it as Ireland’s Rock n Roll Capital during live appearances and broadcasts at the time. Then as the music lost its international, national and chart prominence, things became dormant for a while but the strong interest remained and the die-hards maintained their love and obsession in the background. This underlying passion was especially strong in the Shannon area where the local Shannon Ted’s were seen as the vanguard of local interest. Occasional gigs by The Runaway Boys in the Hotel Ferrycarrig were the only outlets for live music all through the 90’s.

The Re-Birth

Then about ten years ago a new organisation emerged from the shadows (pardon the pun) and started running live gigs and record hops under the banner “Rock Bop Boogie”. Starting with Irish bands and graduating to International acts, this new promotional vehicle re-ignited local interest and started to put Enniscorthy back on the Rockin’ map. This was a huge initial success and visitors came from all over the country (and further afield) to enjoy the regular events.


The Weekender

Ireland at the time was almost completely devoid of live Rock n Roll especially outside Dublin and Belfast and it was the only country in Europe without a festival weekend. This changed in 2010 (coincidentally the 1500th anniversary of the Enniscorthy being founded) when the Riverside Jump was created by Rock Bop Boogie. This event is now in its 6th year and continues to feature the very best of Irish and International Bands and DJ’s and attracts visitors from across the world. Now known as the Rock n Roll Town Weekender it is perhaps the biggest date in the Irish Rock n Roll calendar.


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The Club

Rock Bop Boogie was largely a one man operation and by 2011 it was becoming increasingly impossible to maintain financially and logistically and the idea of a club with a Committee and members was formed. The South East Rock n Roll Club was formed in the Summer of that year and ever since then has been the driving force in Enniscorthy and across the region in ensuring that real 1950’s Rock music remains in the hearts and minds of the general public. This club continues to go from strength to strength and this year will be directly involved in about 30 live gigs or events.

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Rock n Roll Town

In 2014, the SE RnR club presented the idea of promoting Enniscorthy as a Rock n Roll Town to Enniscorthy Tourism and the local authority of the time. This easily recognisable brand would attract interest nationally and internationally and help ensure the future success of all the local events and help drive tourist numbers for the area which has been hit pretty hard during the recent economic downturn. In recent years several related areas of activity have come to the fore which further cement the reputation of Rock n Roll Town, we list them below and you can find more information about all the rockin’ aspects of town by clicking on the subject below.


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Good Luck Charm Elvis Fan Club

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Rock Bop Boogie Promotions

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The Jumptones

The BackBeats

Honey B Design

We Dig Roots – Booking Agency

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Different Dj’s service

So thats how Enniscorthy became a Rock n Roll Town and we hope you can find time for a visit very soon, there is always room on the dance floor for more smiling faces. Welcome to ROCK n ROLL TOWN!



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